Vision Rehabilitation

Tools for reaching more patients and expanding your practice

Vision Rehabilitation (VR) services can be an important tool to growing and strengthening your practice, whether you are looking to add value to primary eye care services, starting to incorporate VR services into your practice, or already an expert in the field. On this page, you can find VR resources to help you expand and add value to your practice in the following areas:

  • Primary eye care - The AOA is committed to helping all doctors of optometry identify, educate, and refer VR patients
  • Practice growth management - The AOA is committed to helping more optometry practices incorporate VR services
  • Advancing the field - The AOA is committed to facilitating the advancement of VR coverage, scope, research and technology

Currently, our role as eye care physicians is being threatened by insurance plan discrimination, unscrupulous contact lens retailers, and online "refraction tests" that attempt to downplay the value of optometry and in-person comprehensive eye exams. Helping patients with chronic vision impairments regain their independence, health, and quality of life adds value that is clearly visible to patients, dispels the notion that eye care be replaced by online tools, and ultimately increases patient loyalty as well as referrals.

For more VR updates and to be listed on AOA's Doctor Locator as a practice with an emphasis in Vision Rehabilitation, please join the Vision Rehabilitation Advocacy Network.

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